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oh how splended.

ok so my new years was awesome. we always do themed parties and this year it was western. so i was a cow girl. and for the first time i had a "water mocassin" dunno how to spell that. me and brandon are doin better than ever and i couldnt be more happy. he really is wonderful! it seems like everyone i know is either pregnant,engaged or married. expect for me. which is prolly a good thing lol...im content with not bein engaged and so happy i aint pregnant lol....i havnt had a job since the pre school fired me but thanx to diana ill be workin at sun 41 tanning salon and im so freakin excited!!!! cant wait. tomorrow is drama wed,my favorite nite of the week. my mom said i need to write down what i wanna do with my life and wether or not i want to use my college fund...ekkkkk.i dont have a clue.all i know is that im like 4 months behind on paying for my car and my phone.bye bye jetta a razor. so me and brandon are gettin pretty freakin good at bowling and thanx to his mom we have 100$ to go whenever :) and since i hurt myself one time bowling she got me a gift certificate to get a massage! o i love her. ok so now its 2007 thats 2 years ive been outa high school and i havnt done anything wiht my life. im so pathetic i need to get goin with something. my baba made me another blanket cuz the dryer ate mine when i was 3. oh i love it.
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