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You never know what you have [entries|friends|calendar]

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October 10, 2010 ]
things have been pretty good...me and jordan just bought a house :) cant wait to get on with our lives and start a family.things are finally looking up and im the happiest ive ever been.my job is good.my friends are good.everything is good.hope i didnt just jinx it all.
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stressed. [
May 25, 2010 ]
soooo much drama has been going on..why cant people be honest these days.i need new friends or need to move outa this town. its amazing how selfish and closed minded people can be......moving out was the best decision ive ever made :) buying a brand new car was even better :) and things with jordan just keep getting better and better :) so thats something to smile about!
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November 19, 2009 ]
hello lj...woah its been a while...so much has changed in my life....every post ive past read has been about my amazing bf brandon that i had and how much i loved him and couldnt wait to spend the rest of my life with him..who was i kidding.after being with jordan for over a year now and seeing how someone should really be treated,thats love.ive never felt so much happiness and i know i deserve it.i give him the world and he gives me the same.im loving my job,friends and my family and i cant wait to start a family of my own with jordan. things are finally looking up and i cant wait to see how it all plays out :)
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yay [
June 16, 2007 ]
[ mood | chipper ]

i got a job.and its with 2 of my bestest friends at rockford footwear depot at miromar.its sweet we sell shoes and goof off all day,wat more could i ask for :o)

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ahhhh [
March 5, 2007 ]
[ mood | happy ]


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freakin need a job [
February 20, 2007 ]
[ mood | excited ]

k so trying to get a job is alot harder than it seems.ive applied to ruby tuesdays,a zillion daycares,some tanning salons,and now freakin dry cleaners. at this point i dont care where i work as long as its more than 7 bucks.anyone know wheres hiring? i went to the taping of "pinks" in jupiter the other nite and it was awesome.freakin freezing but it was awesome.so brandon wants to buy a mini van and im deff not looking forward to it,hes gonna look like an idiot.so i have to start paying for tanning again and im so not happy about it....ricky drew my tattoo that i want so now all i gotta do is find a good place to do it at.drama nite tomorrow!!! i hope its a new one tree hill :) i got the sweetest heart key locket braclet at family thrift today. i really hope i get to go see kelly pickler at the fair this saturday!!! and i want some clothes from my good friend at hollister. cant wait!!!

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so this shit aint workin [
February 8, 2007 ]
[ mood | tired ]

yea so lookin for a job is goin  miserably.ive auctully suprised myself at how many places i called and stuff but still no freakin luck.ill just go back to bein poor lol valentines day is comin up and im super excited! im makin brandon a bouquet of heart cookies its gonna  be so cute!! and gettin him some other stuff.and were suppost to go out to eat at sakura.i dunno how to spell that place but yea.so my moms kinda mad that  i just slowly moved into brandons and didnt exaclty tell her wat i was doin....but oh well i love it here :) so me and britto turned one of my shirts into a sweet ass purse and i love it.so i might apply at hollister...but only to get sweet clothes. i never knew finding a job would be so freakin difficult.damnit. brandons mom took care of me when i was sick,shes such a nice lady.and she knew exaclty wat would make me all better. soup and a everything bagel. love it!! and a pear bubble bath. so brandons sold his nova and im kinda sad but atleast now he has some money. my baba got teeth.nice pearly whites,and shes like 80 and she spent so much money on them and no offense but she aint gonna be around long enough to get her moneys worth.lol oh well. so i got makeup from mac and i love it.so purdy! funny how ppl can change stories around and make themselves look so stupid and then deny everything in the end.dumbasses lying gets u know where when ur no good at it.and trust me ur not....so stop

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ugh ugh ugh [
January 30, 2007 ]
[ mood | crushed ]

k so the tanning salon job didnt last for god knows wat reason....someone lied and got me fired.thanx alot.so i am once again looking for a job.....i got to see meg and tyler the other day which made me very happy :) i missed them. uhh i got my nails done its been forever since ive had these things and i cant type worth a shit. ricky is gonna draw me my tattoo of an elephant with a butterfly on its nose,and im so excited!!!!! but now i need to know of a good place to get it done. so ive slowly been realizing who my real friends are and who i can trust and wat not and to tell u the truth im pretty suprised. so valentines day is coming up and were suppost to go ice skating.... im super excited for drama wed! i need to go to some kind of school like asap.oh and me and britto have been making some pretty sweet shirts.

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oh how splended. [
January 2, 2007 ]
[ mood | happy ]

ok so my new years was awesome. we always do themed parties and this year it was western. so i was a cow girl. and for the first time i had a "water mocassin" dunno how to spell that. me and brandon are doin better than ever and i couldnt be more happy. he really is wonderful! it seems like everyone i know is either pregnant,engaged or married. expect for me. which is prolly a good thing lol...im content with not bein engaged and so happy i aint pregnant lol....i havnt had a job since the pre school fired me but thanx to diana ill be workin at sun 41 tanning salon and im so freakin excited!!!! cant wait. tomorrow is drama wed,my favorite nite of the week. my mom said i need to write down what i wanna do with my life and wether or not i want to use my college fund...ekkkkk.i dont have a clue.all i know is that im like 4 months behind on paying for my car and my phone.bye bye jetta a razor. so me and brandon are gettin pretty freakin good at bowling and thanx to his mom we have 100$ to go whenever :) and since i hurt myself one time bowling she got me a gift certificate to get a massage! o i love her. ok so now its 2007 thats 2 years ive been outa high school and i havnt done anything wiht my life. im so pathetic i need to get goin with something. my baba made me another blanket cuz the dryer ate mine when i was 3. oh i love it.

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so u wanna brawl?!?! [
December 8, 2006 ]
[ mood | blah ]

so im pretty much as tan as id ever wanna be
and i have brandon and like 32 bulbs to thank
im still broke and have like a million ppl to shop for 
im thinkin i wanna go almost blonde but im scurred
we got a smoked turkey sent in the mail today and dunno who its from....
me and brandon are better than ever and im sooo happy for that
i love our drama weds.
its pretty sad that i can now recognize a turbo,inercooler and a boost guage.
im thinking about workin at a fruit basket place?!?!
or crispers......

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sugar pie hunny buns [
November 15, 2006 ]
[ mood | curious ]

so im still jobless and alomst poor which isnt good at all considering christmas is coming up. me and brandon just had our 1 year 3 months the other day and it was amazing, more fun than i thought it would be and he got me a gift certificate to go tanning!! yay no more pale ass tayla. i love wed drama nite at drews.watching one tree hill and feasting on left over halloween candy is great.im glad that even though my ichabod is goin to school and work she still finds the time to drive all the way out here just for a couple hours to hangout. i dunno watd id do if we werent still friends.so brandon leaves next tuesday for i think 5 or 6 days....eh wat am i gonna do?!?! i think i burned my boobs and whoo ha yesterday :(

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and the chaos begins [
October 21, 2006 ]
[ mood | bored ]

soo no halloween horror nights.cuz we are both broke :(
i think i might apply at subway....
i live off juicy juice juice boxes
me and my bf are better than ever!!!
were being pebbles and bamm bamm for halloween
is 19 to old to go trick or treating?!?
i consider myself a pro bowler :o)
is it bad that i cant stop watchin flavor of love
im really happy that my britto is always there for me
my little ichabod is all grown up,its exciting
how come when u sneeze u get goose bumps

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oohh snap [
October 10, 2006 ]
[ mood | happy ]

kathy griffen tomorrow so excited.
my car is freakin junk
i paint my nails everyday just because
i love my boyfriend
dans birthday is friday the 13th,hes stayin in his room all day
halloween horror nights the 27-29,cant wait
jello shots=love
we had a bbq/party and it was the shit
im gonna be a sailor or a pirate girl for halloween 
i like james blunt alot
b kicked my ass in bowling and i freakin love our car rides
and talking about last summer it never gets old and i like that

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help me out [
October 4, 2006 ]
[ mood | anxious ]

so ive been jobless for like 2 months now and my moms like flipping out on me
i need a job like asap.for real. at this point id go anywhere lol i like clothes,people,and food....anyone know where someplace is hiring?!?!?! id love u forever :o) peace out!

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i stay flossy [
August 23, 2006 ]
[ mood | curious ]

me and ricky hangout everyday.its great
i got 7 pairs of sweet ass earrings for 2 dollars cuz the thrift lady is awesome
i bought a hello kitty belly button ring
i wish my bf liked to take pictures
i might get a job with stacey and lindsay and im excited!!
another persons cig alomst flew in my window
i played beer pong for the first time and i kicked butt
life is good at the moment

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few times been around that track [
August 19, 2006 ]
[ mood | artistic ]

Jesse McCartneys dreamy
i always get picked on my the same 3 guys im always with 
i need girls to hangout with so i dont go insaine
ive been feeling very lazy this past week
i want a good camera
i wish my bf and i could auctully carry a converstaion 
i want a hello kitty tattoo
seems like all my friends have jobs go to college and know what their doing with their life...except for me
3x mirrors are my best friend
i wanna get drunk and get wild
thank god for inventing midol :)
i bowl about everyday and i still suck asssss

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ppl are so freakin stupid [
August 15, 2006 ]
[ mood | disappointed ]

so i wanted to get all my stuff back that i bought for work but i wasnt ready to go back and like see all my kids cuz i missed them(silly i know) so i called my friend that still worked there thinking that shed be able to gather all my stuff and bring it home with her and then i could met up with her later.yea no that didnt happen....my freakin boss called me back and said that shes not allowed to bring other ppls stuff home with them.ok mind u that the stuff i wanted back was a microwave and like 30 $ in food that i bought and like decorations and stuff. why the hell she cant take that home with her beats me but it pisses me off wtf is the big freakin deal shes just giving me a hard time. i mean come on now who really is gonna get mad that she brought that home for me....stupid stupid ppl. im trying to get unemployment on them bitches.Oh and the new head teacher of my room is a girl who physically hurts the kids(one who was the bosses kid) and is constantly yelling at them....wow shes a winner and u got rid of me cuz " someone complained i wasnt excited" psh bullcrap! ppl are so messed up these days.ive been bowlin like everyday and i still suck. jace and ricky seem to be my new daytime buddies...meghan i called and u didnt answer :( its ONE YEAR!!!! i love my man.

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lame ass mother fuckers. [
August 10, 2006 ]
i got fired cuz my job was full of a bunch of backstabbing cokeheaded liars.loves it. i need a job asap...anyone know any place thats fun and pays good? i want a puggle :)
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wouldnt change a thing [
July 22, 2006 ]
[ mood | curious ]


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about damn time [
July 9, 2006 ]
[ mood | excited ]

alright so im pretty sure i love meghan and tyler.......yep i do. but im sad it took soooo long for us to finally hangout. its gotta happen more often.i never go to greenwells cuz i thought it was lame but with u guys it wasnt,it was hilarious fun!  me and meg totally beat tyler and brandon on putt putt ;) "holy crap i have to pee so bad" works every time lol.checked out the new skatepark which i think brandon will be attending soon. peed in one of the nastiest banos in my life. lost miserably at bowling but had a great time doing it.meg has the pics so im hopin shell post um :) had a wonderful nite....which is suprising!! and i got to hear tonys hott voice!!

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