<3Tayla<3 (tdawglovesu) wrote,

freakin need a job

k so trying to get a job is alot harder than it seems.ive applied to ruby tuesdays,a zillion daycares,some tanning salons,and now freakin dry cleaners. at this point i dont care where i work as long as its more than 7 bucks.anyone know wheres hiring? i went to the taping of "pinks" in jupiter the other nite and it was awesome.freakin freezing but it was awesome.so brandon wants to buy a mini van and im deff not looking forward to it,hes gonna look like an idiot.so i have to start paying for tanning again and im so not happy about it....ricky drew my tattoo that i want so now all i gotta do is find a good place to do it at.drama nite tomorrow!!! i hope its a new one tree hill :) i got the sweetest heart key locket braclet at family thrift today. i really hope i get to go see kelly pickler at the fair this saturday!!! and i want some clothes from my good friend at hollister. cant wait!!!
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