<3Tayla<3 (tdawglovesu) wrote,

so this shit aint workin

yea so lookin for a job is goin  miserably.ive auctully suprised myself at how many places i called and stuff but still no freakin luck.ill just go back to bein poor lol valentines day is comin up and im super excited! im makin brandon a bouquet of heart cookies its gonna  be so cute!! and gettin him some other stuff.and were suppost to go out to eat at sakura.i dunno how to spell that place but yea.so my moms kinda mad that  i just slowly moved into brandons and didnt exaclty tell her wat i was doin....but oh well i love it here :) so me and britto turned one of my shirts into a sweet ass purse and i love it.so i might apply at hollister...but only to get sweet clothes. i never knew finding a job would be so freakin difficult.damnit. brandons mom took care of me when i was sick,shes such a nice lady.and she knew exaclty wat would make me all better. soup and a everything bagel. love it!! and a pear bubble bath. so brandons sold his nova and im kinda sad but atleast now he has some money. my baba got teeth.nice pearly whites,and shes like 80 and she spent so much money on them and no offense but she aint gonna be around long enough to get her moneys worth.lol oh well. so i got makeup from mac and i love it.so purdy! funny how ppl can change stories around and make themselves look so stupid and then deny everything in the end.dumbasses lying gets u know where when ur no good at it.and trust me ur not....so stop
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