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ugh ugh ugh

k so the tanning salon job didnt last for god knows wat reason....someone lied and got me fired.thanx alot.so i am once again looking for a job.....i got to see meg and tyler the other day which made me very happy :) i missed them. uhh i got my nails done its been forever since ive had these things and i cant type worth a shit. ricky is gonna draw me my tattoo of an elephant with a butterfly on its nose,and im so excited!!!!! but now i need to know of a good place to get it done. so ive slowly been realizing who my real friends are and who i can trust and wat not and to tell u the truth im pretty suprised. so valentines day is coming up and were suppost to go ice skating.... im super excited for drama wed! i need to go to some kind of school like asap.oh and me and britto have been making some pretty sweet shirts.
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