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sugar pie hunny buns

so im still jobless and alomst poor which isnt good at all considering christmas is coming up. me and brandon just had our 1 year 3 months the other day and it was amazing, more fun than i thought it would be and he got me a gift certificate to go tanning!! yay no more pale ass tayla. i love wed drama nite at drews.watching one tree hill and feasting on left over halloween candy is great.im glad that even though my ichabod is goin to school and work she still finds the time to drive all the way out here just for a couple hours to hangout. i dunno watd id do if we werent still friends.so brandon leaves next tuesday for i think 5 or 6 days....eh wat am i gonna do?!?! i think i burned my boobs and whoo ha yesterday :(

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