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ppl are so freakin stupid

so i wanted to get all my stuff back that i bought for work but i wasnt ready to go back and like see all my kids cuz i missed them(silly i know) so i called my friend that still worked there thinking that shed be able to gather all my stuff and bring it home with her and then i could met up with her later.yea no that didnt happen....my freakin boss called me back and said that shes not allowed to bring other ppls stuff home with them.ok mind u that the stuff i wanted back was a microwave and like 30 $ in food that i bought and like decorations and stuff. why the hell she cant take that home with her beats me but it pisses me off wtf is the big freakin deal shes just giving me a hard time. i mean come on now who really is gonna get mad that she brought that home for me....stupid stupid ppl. im trying to get unemployment on them bitches.Oh and the new head teacher of my room is a girl who physically hurts the kids(one who was the bosses kid) and is constantly yelling at them....wow shes a winner and u got rid of me cuz " someone complained i wasnt excited" psh bullcrap! ppl are so messed up these days.ive been bowlin like everyday and i still suck. jace and ricky seem to be my new daytime buddies...meghan i called and u didnt answer :( its ONE YEAR!!!! i love my man.

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